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Registration FAQs

ATTENTION: Before you send an email inquiry to anyone (Registrar, Age Group Commissioner, Board Member, Coach, etc.), please review any email communication sent to you by the league in its entirety and read the Registration FAQ’s below.  99% of all answers are found in either the email communications sent to you from the league or in the FAQ’s.



  • Please use only the Board Member contact information provided on the website.  

  • Please do not Google Board Member's personal or business information or obtain it from school directories.

  • If you happen to have a Board Member’s cell phone number, please be respectful of their time and do not call or text before 9AM or after 7PM.  

  • Please do not ask to drop-off forms or payments at a Board Member’s home.

  • Please understand that the Board Members are all volunteer parents; they all have full time jobs and families. We ask that other parents please respect the Board Member’s time and their families. 


    Question:  We didn't know about Registration ending. Can it be extended?

    Answer:   Registration cannot be extended due to CMYSA needing to meet State insurance deadlines. Registration dates are advertised on our website and through multiple email bursts for 2 months prior to the close of registration deadline. With close to 1,000 players playing in our league each season, all deadlines must be consistently adhered to in order for the league to be fair to all parents and players. Please do not email asking for an exception after the deadline has closed, as there will be no additions.


    Question:  I included on my registration that I wanted a specific coach/team/practice day/practice location. Why was my request not honored?  Can my child be moved to the team I requested?



    For Inhouse players in the U5 age group ONLY, you may include a request for a specific coach or team, however, even at that age group we cannot guarantee your request will be honored. Our first priority is insuring that there will be fair and competitive play between teams in an age group. Teams in age groups over U6 are rostered using a draft process utilizing player rankings in the Fall, and in the Spring, every attempt is made to keep the team rosters the same, with the exception of some players dropping off and new players being added. Coach/team requests are not permitted at U6, U7, U8, U9/10, and older.



    Travel players are placed on teams based solely on their ratings by independent evaluators at travel tryouts in May. No coach/team/practice day(s)/practice location(s) requests are permitted or honored.

    Question:  We haven't heard from our coach yet, but our neighbor’s team already has practice dates; should I be worried?

    Answer:   Different Age Group Commissioners distribute rosters and information to their coaches on different timelines, dependent on the size of their age group. A General Coaches Meeting is scheduled in mid-March (Spring season) and mid- to late August (Fall season); the meeting date is advertised on our website. Most coaches contact their parents and players within a few days following the meeting. If you have not heard from your coach within 2 weeks from the beginning of the season, please consult the Board Member Contact Page of our website and email your specific Age Group Commissioner. Include your player's name, age group, and that you have not heard from your coach. They will contact you with information or have your coach contact you as soon as possible. Please wait until after the General Coaches Meeting has occurred to submit any inquiries to Age Group Commissioners about coaches, practice times, days, locations, etc. as they will not have any information available prior to the meeting.


    Question:  Where do we get an Inhouse jersey?

    Answer:   In the Fall season we provide a free jersey to all Inhouse players; it is handed out by your coach prior to the first game. If your child(ren) returns for the Spring season, they will use the same jersey they were provided the previous Fall. However, if your child(ren) plays in the Spring season only (did not play in the Fall), they will receive a free Inhouse jersey in the Spring. During registration you are required to provide a jersey size for each child playing Inhouse. We order jerseys based on the responses received during registration and have a limited supply of spare jerseys.


    Question:  What age group will my child play in?

    Answer:   Please utilize the Age Group Chart under the Inhouse tab or the Travel tab on the menu bar of our website to determine which age group your child(ren) will play in this season.


    Question:  Have you received my payment?

    Answer:   Our registration system (Blue Sombrero) will send you an email after you have successfully registered and paid for your child(ren) to participate in our program(s). If you have not received a confirmation email with an order number, you have not completed registration and your child(ren) is not registered for the season. Please login to your account and make sure that your shopping cart is empty. Payment (full or partial) must be made at registration. We cannot take cash or checks for varying reasons.  Payment must be made online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).


    Question:  My child decided not to play, how do I get a refund?


    Inhouse Registration:

    Requests for Inhouse registration refunds can be made until the close of registration for the specific season. Once registration closes, regardless of the reason, there will be no refunds. Following the close of registration, lists are distributed to commissions and rosters are formed. If players pull out, it is extremely disruptive to rosters and can affect not only their team, but also possibly others in their age group. Not getting the coach, practice day, location or on a team with friends are not valid reasons for requesting a refund. If your child is injured before the season begins, but after the close of registration, we will issue a credit toward another season.  


    Travel Registration:

    There are absolutely no refunds for Travel registrations. Once you register your player, you are committing them to play for the season. Travel team formation is difficult and dependent upon the number of players registering in a given age group and tryout scores.  When a player registers and then drops out later, it not only affects their team roster, it can affect every team roster beneath theirs. Before registering your child for a Travel program, please insure he or she is definitely playing. Only an unexpected medical condition that arises prior to the start of the season that physically prevents your child from playing will be considered as an exception to the no refund policy. If CMYSA is unable to roster a team for your player’s age group and your player does not have a team to play on that season, we will issue a credit toward another season.


    Question:  When does the season start and end?



    Opening day for the Spring is typically the first Saturday in April and the last day of the season is the first Saturday in June.

    Opening day for the Fall is typically the first Saturday in September and the last day of the season is the last Saturday in October.

    If ONE weather cancellation is required during the season, a make-up game will not be scheduled.

    If TWO weather cancellations are required during the season, every attempt will be made to schedule one make-up game.  



    Opening day for the Spring is typically the first Sunday in April and the last day of the season is the first Sunday in June.

    Opening day for the Fall is typically the first Sunday in September and the last day of the season is the last Sunday in October.

    Make-up games for weather cancellations are arranged by the Travel coach and can occur any day of the week, dependent upon player availability.


    QuestionIf my child played in the Fall, do I have to re-register them in the Spring?

    Answer:   Yes.  All players, Inhouse and Travel, must register each season and pay the registration fees.


    Question:  Is there a way to register offline?

    Answer:   No, there is no way to register offline. You must register online. You are required to provide player information, parent information, and emergency contact information. Additionally, you are required to electronically acknowledge a medical waiver, two (2) codes of conduct, the Zero Tolerance Policy, and pay online.


    Question:  My username and/or password will not work.

    Answer:   As of the Fall 2015 season, we have a new registration system (Blue Sombrero). Old usernames, email addresses, and passwords will not work in the new system. If your child(ren) played before Fall 2015 you must create a new account in the Blue Sombrero system. Once you have created a new account, if you cannot remember your username or password, please use the links on the login screen to assist you in retrieving your information. Do not email CMYSA requesting a forgotten username or password. Please do not under any circumstance create a second account as this will complicate your profile in the system and make it more difficult for you to register in the future.


    QuestionWhen will practices and games be?

    Answer:   You will be contacted by your coach prior to the beginning of the season. Practice date(s), time(s), and location(s) are up to each individual coach. Inhouse games are played on Saturdays at the West McMurray Road complex or at the Klinger Park complex in Southpointe. Travel games are played on Sundays at designated fields both home and away. We do not have practice or game scheduling information – you must contact your coach or Age Group Commissioner. Please wait until after the General Coaches Meeting to do so; the coaches and Commissioners will not have practice or game schedules until after the General Coaches Meeting.


    Question:  What equipment does my child need to play? What is included in the registration fee?

    Answer:   The registration fee covers the cost of insurance, state organization fees for players and teams, the overall costs of running our organization (please see below for details of some of the organization operational fees), and a jersey for Inhouse players.


    Inhouse players are required to purchase black shorts, shin guards, soccer socks (worn over the shin guards) and soccer cleats (non-metal). Coaches also require each player to have a water bottle and their own soccer ball for their age group to be used at practice.


    Travel players are required to purchase travel uniforms, a water bottle, and a soccer ball for their age group to be used at practice. Following the announcement of travel team rosters, the league will issue information about ordering the travel uniform. Do not order travel uniforms until a jersey number has been assigned to your child(ren) and you have received an email from the league.


    Question:  If a player did not play on a Travel team in the Fall can they play on a Travel team in the Spring?

    Answer:   If a player did not attend tryouts last May and did not play on a Travel team in the Fall, for U10 and up age groups only, you can register them for Spring Travel but, they will be placed at the bottom of the player list as they do not have a tryout score. Travel tryouts are held in May of each year and is a full-year commitment to a team, unless you indicate at tryouts that your player is available to play for only one season. During the Spring season, if there are open spaces on a roster, new players may be added. Open spots on the top teams in an age group are first offered to players with tryout scores. Any vacancies on remaining teams in the age group would then be offered to players that did not attend tryouts that have an interest in playing in the Spring. This only occurs if the rosters are not full and, if due to injury or other reasons, players must give up their current slots from the Fall on a team. If there are enough players registering for Travel that did not attend tryouts to field a full 3rd or 4th team in an age group and a coach is available, then a team will be added. All of this is very subjective and dependent on circumstance within an age group, so please understand that if you register a child for Travel that did not play in the Fall and does not have a tryout score, we cannot guarantee they will definitely get a spot on a Spring Travel team. If you register and pay and they do not get a spot, we will refund you the difference between Inhouse and Travel registrations. When you are registering, you will see all programs your player qualifies for based on their birth date; just because Travel is listed among the programs does not guarantee your player a spot on a team if you choose that option. If your child(ren) played on a Fall Travel team, their roster spot is held through the Spring.


    Question:  Can a player play in both the Travel and Inhouse programs?

    Answer:   Yes. Travel players are eligible to play in both the Travel and Inhouse programs and can play Inhouse for free when registering for Travel in the same season. Travel games are played on Sundays at designated field locations in the district for home games and in other towns for away games. Inhouse games are played on Saturdays at either the West McMurray Road complex or Klinger Park complex in Southpointe depending on age group. If you are registering a Travel player for both Travel and Inhouse teams, please select the "Travel" option and "Inhouse for Travel Players" option ($0). If you select the regular Inhouse program, you will be charged full price for both Inhouse and Travel.


    Question:  What is “Inhouse for Travel Players”?

    Answer:   If your child(ren) registers for Travel, they have the opportunity to play Inhouse for free. This program is not an option for Inhouse-only players, even though the registration program will show it as a registration option. Registration options are based on birth date only, not a child’s eligibility. Inhouse-only players must pay the full Inhouse registration fee.   


    Question:  Why does registration cost so much?

    Answer:   A lot more goes into our organization then just throwing out a ball. We have many fields throughout the district and two large complexes to maintain (West McMurray Road complex and Klinger Park complex in Southpointe) - cut, line, fertilize, water, seasonally maintain, gravel for driveways and parking. These costs are not just for our complexes but for many other fields throughout the district as well. There are also computer systems, the website, the communication system, fees for each player and team to state organizations, insurance, multiple referee payments for each game, payment for the constable at the West McMurray Road complex, porta-potties at both complexes and local schools, dumpsters at the complexes, goals, benches, picnic tables, the West McMurray Road complex concession stand, coaches reimbursements for background checks and licenses, and more. While our organization is run completely by volunteers, it is an expensive proposition and a lot of time, organization and funding are necessary for us to continue to run our program.




    If you have read all of the FAQ’s and all communication sent to you via email by the league and still have questions please contact the following volunteers:


    GENERAL QUESTIONS:  [email protected]

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