ATTENTION:  Please READ the following Frequently Asked Registration Questions, BEFORE emailing the Registration Department

BEFORE you send an email to anyone, please read messages sent to you by the league and read below.  99% of all answers are found in either messages sent to you directly from the league or below.

**We realize this should go without saying, however due to the frequency of it happening; 

  • Pleae use ONLY the Board Member contact info provided on the web site.  
  • Please DO NOT Google Board Member's Personal or Business information or obtain it from school directories
  • Please be respectful of our time and DO NOT CALL OR TEXT BEFORE 9AM or AFTER 7PM.  
  • Please DO NOT try and drop forms or payments at our personal homes.
  • Please understand that we are ALL VOLUNTEER PARENTS, we all have full time jobs and families. We just ask for other parents to please respect our time and our families. 

Question:  We didn't know about Registration ending can it be extended?

Answer:   Unfortunately no it cannot be extended and there will be no exceptions.  Registration dates have been advertised on the web site, within mutliple emails and on yard signs around the township for 2 months prior to the close deadline.  With close to 1,000 players playing in our league each season, all deadlines must be consistently adhered to, so we are fair to all parents and players.  Our state uploads for our insurance coverages have been completed.  Please do not email asking for an exception after the deadline has closed there will be no additions.

Question:  I included on my registration that I wanted a specific coach (or date/location of practice) why was it not honored?  Can they be moved to the team I requested?

Answer:   For Inhouse players in U5 age group  ONLY, you may include a request for a specific coach or team, however even at that age group we CANNOT guarantee your request will be honored.  Our first priority is insuring there will be fair and competitive play between teams in an age group.  Teams in age groups over U6 are fielded using a draft process utilizing player rankings in the fall and in the spring team rosters remain the same with the exception of some players dropping off and new players being added. Coaches/team requests are not permitted at U6, U7,U8, U10 and above. Travel teams are formed based on tryout results.  Not getting your coach of preference, getting on a team with a friend or your preferred day of practice - is not a valid reason for a refund. We have over 800 players per season, it is not possible to honor all requests.

Players will not be moved bc of requests not being honored.  We clearly state that our primary goal is to have competitiveness in the league and that we will not take coach/team requests over the U6 age group.   Our league has over 800 players and it is impossible to honor all requests - to be fair to everyone we do not accept requests and rely solely on player ranking to determine team placement.

Question:  We haven't heard from our coach yet but our neighbors team already has practice dates, should I be worried?

Answer:   Different Age Group Commissioners distribute rosters and information to their coaches on different time lines, dependent on the size of the age group. The General Coaches Meeting is scheduled for the mid  March - all coaches will be in contact with their parents and players after that date.  If you have not heard from your coach within 2 weeks of the season start - please consult the Board Member Contact Page of the web site and email your specific Age Group Commissioner.  Please wait until after the advertised coach's meeting to submit any inquiries about coach's, practice times, days, locations, etc. to age group commissioners bc they will not have that information before that date.

Question:  I thought we could buy an in-house jersey at the local sports store?

Answer:   No, we have not utilized an outside store in over three years for our inhouse jerseys.  Our inhouse jerseys are only available for purchase at the spirit wear stand at the main complex on West McMurray Road.  We highly recommend that you pre-order a jersey during registration so you can insure you get a jersey and the size you want.  We order based on the pre-orders and have only limited supply of extras.

Question:  What age group will my child play in?

Answer:    Please utilize chart below to determine what age group your child will play in this season, which can be found on the right side menu of our home page. 

Question:  Have you received my payment?

Answer:    Payments are updated as frequently as possible.  To see if your payment has been received and applied to your account - please do not email, please log into your registration account and view your balance.  If your balance shows $0 - your payment has been received and applied.  Please note, PayPal credit card payments do not automatically post and have to be manually added to accounts, so please allow 48 hours for these charges to appear in CMYSA accounts from the day they were processed.  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TRY AND GIVE A PAYMENT TO A COACH.  Payments must be made online within 10 days of completing the registration forms online.  We cannot take cash or checks for varying reasons.  Payment must be made online with a credit or debit card of through a checking account with PayPal.

Question:  My child decided not to play, how do I get a refund?

Answer: There are absolutely no refunds for Travel Registrations.  Once you register your player, you are comitting them to play for the season.  Travel team formation is difficult and dependent upon the number of players registering in a given age group and tryout scores.  When a player registers and then drops out later, it not only effects their team roster, it can effect every team roster beneath theirs.   Before registering your child for a Travel program, please insure he or she is definitely playing.  There will be no refunds given.

Requests for inhouse registration refunds can be made until 3/1 for the Spring season.  Once registration closes, regardless of the reason, there will be no refunds.  Following the close of registration at midnight, lists are distributed to commissions and rosters are formed.  If players pull out it is extremely disruptive to rosters and will not only effect their team, but possibly others in their age group.    Not getting the coach, practice day, location or on a team with friends, are not valid reasons for requesting a refund.  Again, absolutely no refunds will be issued after 3/1. If your child is injured before the season begins, but after 3/1 - we will issue a partial refund via credit toward another season.  Part of your registration cost is used to pay state organization and insurance - that portion of reqistration cannot be refunded after 3/1.

Question:  When does the season start and end?

Answer: Opening day for the Spring is typically the first Saturday in April and the last day of the season is the first Saturday in June. *  ** Unless we have TWO weather cancellations for the whole league that season.  If TWO cancellations occur in a season, one of the games will have a makeup day scheduled.  If only ONE weather cancellation, there will not be a makeup.


QuestionIf my child played in the fall, do I have to re-register them in the spring?

Answer:    YES.  All players, inhouse and travel, must re-register each season and pay the registration fees.


Question:  Is there a way to register offline?

Answer: No, there is no way to register offline.  You must register online, provide player information, parent and emergency contact information and electronically acknowlege the liability waiver and pay online.


Question:  My username and password will not work.

Answer: We have a new registration system as of the Fall 2012 season.  Old usernames, emails and passwords will not work in the new system.  If your player did played before Fall 2012 you must create a new parent profile as well as new player profiles.  If you cannot remember your username, please email us.    If you cannot remember your password, please use the "Forgot Password" link on the log in screen.  PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE CREATE ANOTHER PARENT ACCOUNT - this will just complicate your profile in the system and make it more difficult for you to register in the long run.


QuestionWhen will practices and games be?

Answer:    You will be contacted by a coach prior to the season beginning.  Practice date, times and location are up to each individual coach.  Games will begin 4/11 for the Spring 2015 season.  Inhouse games are played on Saturdays at the main complex on West McMurray Road or at the new Kliinger Park complex and Travel Games are played on Sundays at designated fields by age groups.  WE DO NOT HAVE PRACTICE OR GAME SCHEDULING INFORMATION – you must contact your coach or age group commissioner.  Please wait until after the general meeting to do so - the coaches and comissioners will not have this info until after the Spring general coach's meeting..


Question: What equipment does my child need to play? What is included in the registration fee?

Answer:   Registration fees only include the cost of actual registration, no equipment or uniforms are included in the registration fee.  Registration fees cover insurance, state organization fees for players and teams, as well as the overall costs of running our organization (please see below for a detailing of some of the organization operational fees.)  Inhouse players are required to purchase a CMYSA reversible jersey - which are available to pre-purchase online during registration or in limited sizes and quanities after the season starts at the concession stand. Players also need black shorts, shin guards, soccer socks (worn over the shin guards) and soccer cleats (non metal). Some coaches also require each player to have their own ball for their age group to be used in practice.

Travel players are required to purchase travel uniforms. Please contact your coach for additional information.

Question:  If a player did not play on a Travel team in the Fall can they play on a Travel team in the Spring?

Answer: If a player did not attend tryouts last May and did not play on a Travel team in the fall, for TRUE U10 and up age groups only, you can sign them up for Travel for the spring but they will be placed at the bottom of the list of players bc they will not have a score from tryouts.  Travel tryouts are held in May each year and it is a full year commitment to a team, unless you indicate at tryouts your player is only available to play for one season.    During the Spring season, IF there are open spaces on a roster, new players may be added.  Open spots on the top teams in an age division are first offered to players with tryout scores.  Any vacancies left on remaining teams in the age group would then be offered to players not attending tryouts that had an interest in playing in the spring.  This only occurs if the rosters are not full and if due to injury or other reasons, players must give up their current slots from the Fall on a team.  If there would be enough players registering for Travel that did not attend tryouts to field a full 3rd or 4th team in an age division and we have a coach, then we will add a team.  All of this is very subjective and dependent on circumstances within an age group, so please understand that if you sign a player up for Travel, that did not play in the Fall and does not have a tryout score, we cannot guarantee they will definitely get a spot on a Spring Travel team.  If you sign them up and pay and they do not get a spot – then we would refund the difference between Inhouse and Travel registrations.  When you are registering, you will see all programs your player qualifies for based on birthdate alone - just because Travel is listed among the programs, does not guarantee your player a spot on a team if you choose that option.  If your players played on a Fall Travel Team, their roster spot is held through the Spring.

If you are signing a player up for travel and inhouse – you would select the "Travel" option ($85) and then register again for the  "Inhouse for Travel Players" ($0).   If you select Inhouse first you will be charged the full price for Inhouse.

Question:  Can a player play in both the Travel and Inhouse programs?

Answer:  Yes.  Travel players are eligible to play in both the Travel and Inhouse Programs and may play Inhouse for free when registering for travel in the same season.  Travel games are played on Sundays at designated field locations in the district for home games and in other towns for away games. Inhouse games are played on Saturdays at either the Complex on West McMurray Road or Klinger Park fields - depending on age group.   If you are registering a Travel player for both Travel and Inhouse, you must select both programs in the program list.

Question: Why does it cost so much for registration?

Answer: Please remember there is a lot more that goes into our organization then just throwing out a ball. We have many fields throughout the district and the main large complex to maintain - cut, line, fertilize, water, seasonally maintain, gravel for driveways and parking.  These costs are not just for our complex but for many other fields throughout the district as well. There are also computer systems, web site, communication system, fees for each player and team to state organizations, insurance, multiple referees to pay for each game, things like port-a-potties at our complex and local schools, coach's reimbursements for background checks and licenses and more. While our organization is run completely by volunteers, it is an expensive proposition and a lot of time, organization and funding is necessary for us to continue to run our program.


If you have read all of the FAQ’s and ALL communication sent to you via email by the league and still have questions please contact the following volunteers:



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