BEFORE you send an email to anyone, please read messages sent to you by the league and read below.  99% of all answers are found in either messages sent to you directly from the league or below.

**We realize this should go without saying, however due to the frequency of it happening; 

  • Pleae use ONLY the Board Member contact info provided on the web site.  
  • Please DO NOT Google Board Member's Personal or Business information or obtain it from school directories
  • Please be respectful of our time and DO NOT CALL OR TEXT BEFORE 9AM or AFTER 7PM.  
  • Please DO NOT try and drop forms or payments at our personal homes.
  • Please understand that we are ALL VOLUNTEER PARENTS, we all have full time jobs and families. We just ask for other parents to please respect our time and our families. 

CMYSA Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What age group will my child play in?

A:  The age group your child will play in is solely determined by their birth date.  The birth dates that compose an age group are determined by the state organization.  CMYSA does not decide them, but must abide by them.  Even if your child's birthdate is close to the cut off and they want to play with their friends or classmates instead of the age group their birthdate falls in unfotunately our hands are tied and it cannot be permitted

Q:  Can my child play in an older or younger age group to be with their friends?

A:  Players absolutely cannot under any circumstance play down an age group.  This is prohibited in both travel and inhouse and there can be absolutely no exceptions.   Playing up an age group for INHOUSE can be requested to a player's current coach.  The current coach must recommend the player play up based solely on their skills and ability to play in an older age group. The parent must make a written request to the coach and the coach must make a written request to their current age group commissioner that the player would like to play up - a written request must also be sent to the age group commissioner that the player is requesting to play in.  The request must then be approved by the CMYSA Board by a vote and if approved, the parent must sign a letter of consent to play up that must be notarized.  Playing up an age group does not happen frequently.    For Travel - playing up an age group is prohibited.  The goal of the travel program is to competitively field the most talented team within each age group and to continue to grow players within their age group, which are the players they will be playing with at the Middle school and High School team level. 

Q:  My username and sign on I have used for years will not work?

A:  We listened to parent feebback and purchased a new, more user-friendly, registration system.  Therefore, any username or password you used in the past, prior to the Fall 2012 season, will not work.  You must go through the process of creating a new username and password and recreate your parent and player accounts.  If you created an account after the Fall of 2012 and  forgot your password please use the "Forgot Password" button on the log in page of the web site.  PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW PARENT ACCOUNT EVERY SEASON - this will reak havoc on your account and cause problems for your when registering and there is a chance your player will not be placed on a roster. Parents with multiple accounts in the system should contact the Director of Registration immediately to have their accounts combined, to prevent system issues. 

Q:  My child decided they do not want to play, how can I get a refund?

A:  Inhouse:  Once teams are formed, there are no refunds given.  It is extremely time consuming for commissioners to find coaches and roster teams.  Players pulling out is incredibly disruptive to this process which is why there are no refunds given after teams are rostered at the general meeting.

You may cancel your registration at any time BEFORE 3/1 for the Spring season and 8/14 for the Fall season and receive a full refund. There are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS once the deadline has passed because teams are starting to be rostered and we have done the upload to the state organizations and have payed for all players. There are no refunds given because of coach preferences, practice days or location of practice.


Travel: Once you register your child and they attend tryouts, you are committing that they will play for the travel season.  If you decide they will not play, there are no refunds given.  Your child not making the team they desire or getting the coach they wish, or that they decided to take a break are not acceptable reasons for a refund.  It is extremely time consuming to roster teams and find coaches.  When a player decides not to play after tryouts, they not only effect their roster, they effect rosters above and below them as players need to be shuffled around to fill spaces, which is incredibly disruptive. This is the reason no refunds are given after registration and payment.

Q:  Can I request a specific coach or practice day?

A:  For the U5 age group ONLY you can request a specific coach  in the special requests field during registration.  However, this is a REQUEST only and cannot be guaranteed.  Not getting your coach of preference, getting on a team with a friend or your preferred day of practice - is not a valid reason for a refund.  We have over 800 players per season, it is not possible to honor all requests.

For inhouse U7 and above, players are rated at the end of every season and then go through a draft process.  This is to insure that talent is distributed equally among teams to insure competitive play throughout the league.  Coaches requests at these age groups are not permitted.

Travel teams - travel players are placed on teams based solely on their ratings by independent evaluators at travel tryouts in May.  There are no coaches requests permitted or honored.

Q:  What equipment does my child need to play?

A:  Inhouse players are required to purchase a CMYSA reversible jersey - which are available to pre-purchase online during registration or in person at the spirit wear stand.    Players also need black shorts, shin guards, soccer socks (worn over the shin guards) and soccer cleats (non metal).  Some coaches also require each player to have their own ball for their age group to be used in practice.

Travel players are required to purchase travel uniforms.  Please contact your travel coach for additional information.

Q:  I have not heard from my coach yet, what do I do?

A:  If you have not heard from your coach within 2 weeks of the season start, please visit the Board Member page of the web site and locate your age group commissioner.  Please send them an email indicating your player's name and age group and that you have not heard from your coach.  They will contact you with information or have your coach contact you as soon as possible.  Please have patience, we are all volunteers with full time jobs outside of CMYSA.

Q:  Why does it cost so much for registration?

A:  Please remember there is a lot more that goes into our organization then just throwing out a ball.  We have fields and complexes to maintain - cut, line, fertilize, water, seasonally maintain, parking lot gravel;  not just for our complex but for many other fields throughout the district as well.  There are also computer systems, web site, communication system, fees for each player and team to state organizations, insurance, multiple referees to pay for each game, things like goals, nets, flags,  port-a-potties at our complex and local schools, concession stand, coach's reimbursements for background checks and licenses and more.  While our organization is run completely by volunteers, it is an expensive proposition and a lot of time, organization and funding is necessary for us to continue to run our program.

Q:  Why do Board Members have shirts?

A:  The organization has purchased shirts - bright yellow polo shirts and black sweatshirts with gold lettering - for board members use during the seasons so that parents, coaches and referees can easily identify and find a board member when there is a problem during or after a game at the field complex or travel fields.  Shirts are property of the association and are returned when board members are no longer in their position on the board.   There is typically at least one board member at the field every Saturday at any given time all day long.  If you have a problem with a referee, a parent, coach or player - please locate a board member immediately, that day, so that it can be addressed at that time.

Q:  Who are the referees?

A:  Referees are either players age 12+ or adults, that have completed varying levels of referee training and licensing.  The age groups and referee positions they are able to hold varies depending on the level of training they have completed and the certifications or licenses they may or may not have.  They are paid by the association per game for their services.

Please remember many of the referees you encounter, especially at the lower age groups are adolescents.  Parents are not permitted to yell at referees or make vocal complaints during games.  If you have a problem with a referee, please notify your coach AFTER your game so they can report it appropriately.  Under no circumstances are parents permitted to be disrespectful to referees and will be warned once if it occurs and then removed from the complex if it continues.  If a parent is removed for inappropriate behavior to referees, coaches or players - their case will be reviewed by the Board and they may be banned from attending games at the complex for the season or beyond.  KNOW YOUR PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT AND THE CMYSA ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

Q:  What if I have a suggestion, concern or complaint?

A:  The Board is always open to suggestions and always wants to hear parents concerns.  If you do not feel comfortable addressing something with your coach, the next person to approach is your Age Group Commissioner - whose contact information can be located on the board page of the web site.  You may also feel free to find any Board Member present at the complex on Saturdays, or email anyone on the board page of the web site.  Also, the first 30 minutes of monthly Board meetings are open to everyone to voice concerns or suggestions.   We cannot fix it if we do not know about it.  That being said please remember that all Board Members, commissioners and coaches are all volunteers.  We are not paid professionals, or employee.  We volunteer our time so all of our children have a place to play.  We do our best and commit tremendous amounts of time to CMYSA.  Please be respectful.